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9 Signs That Show You Are a Crazy Cat Person


Sep 1, 2023

Cats have a unique charm that can capture the hearts of many, but for some, their love for felines goes beyond the ordinary. Here are nine signs that might just reveal you’re a bona fide crazy cat person:

1. A Home Filled With Cat Decor

If your home is a showcase of cat-themed decor, from cat-shaped cushions to paw-print rugs, it’s a clear sign that your feline friends have left an indelible mark on your living space.

2. Multiple Cat-Related Apparel

Your wardrobe is dominated by cat-printed clothing. T-shirts, socks, and even pajamas featuring your favorite feline motifs are your daily attire.

3. An Extensive Cat Photo Collection

Your smartphone is essentially a cat photo gallery. You can effortlessly share a dozen cat pictures or videos at any given moment.

4. Special Cat Language

You’ve developed your unique language for conversing with your cats. Whether it’s meowing back at them or using endearing pet names only they understand, you have a special connection.

5. Social Media Star

Your social media profiles are dedicated to your cats. Your friends and followers anticipate daily updates, adorable cat photos, and amusing cat anecdotes.

6. Cat Furniture Galore

Your home boasts a range of cat furniture, including scratching posts, cozy cat beds, and elaborate cat trees. Your cats live in the lap of luxury.

7. Birthday Celebrations

You celebrate your cat’s birthday with more enthusiasm than your own. A cat-themed cake and a new toy are non-negotiable parts of the celebration.

8. Cat Health Expertise

You can diagnose your cat’s minor health issues without hesitation. You’ve read countless articles on feline health and always have a stash of cat medications on hand.

9. Cat Adoption Advocacy

You’re passionate about cat adoption and regularly volunteer at or donate to local animal shelters. Your dream is to provide a loving home to as many cats as possible.

In conclusion, being a crazy cat person isn’t just about having cats; it’s about embracing a lifestyle that revolves around your feline companions. If you find yourself nodding along to these signs, you’re proudly part of the passionate community of cat lovers who cherish every whisker and purr of their beloved cats. Embrace it, for your love for these furry friends is a beautiful thing!

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