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The Best Subscription Gifts 2023


Nov 11, 2023

The joy of carefully choosing that perfect gift for your friend or loved one doesn’t have to end with the holidays. Draw out the fun for months, or even the whole year, with a gift subscription that lands on the lucky recipient’s doorstep long after the giving season has ended. Depending on their taste, there is a gift for almost anyone, from cheese and wagyu to Japanese snacks and perfectly plump Medjool dates from California.

Send your favorite carnivores a quarterly shipment of buttery beef, straight from the beautiful pastures of Vermont. Each box contains three to four cuts of beef, ground beef and sausage, and food items from local purveyors like maple syrup and coffee. This family- and woman-run farm promises 100 percent wagyu from happy cows, which results in some of the best beef around.

There’s something so luxurious about fresh dates, sent directly from towering date palms in the Coachella desert of California. These rich, perfectly toothsome Medjool dates can be delivered monthly or biweekly to anyone who needs a taste of sunshine on their doorstep. Blend them into a classic date shake, bake them into bread, or simply pop them straight into your mouth for a naturally delicious treat.

Cheese fans are nothing if not adventurous, willing to travel the country or the globe to find a unique flavor, or at least factoring cheese into their journeys abroad. A bite of brie in France, a trek to a cave in Switzerland, or eating edam in Holland are all fine ways to explore the world. Give that gift with the Cheese Explorer’s Club from legendary NYC cheese shop Murray’s, offering two ½-pound pieces of cheese and a special item only for club members, accompanied by tips and intel on their places of origin.

Ibérico Pork Box – Campo GrandeSHOP NOW

If you’ve ever had the delight of tasting aged jamón Iberico, then you already know why those pigs are prized for their buttery meat in Spain. Now try cuts of fresh pork from the same Black Iberian pigs that are richly marbled and tender—more like wagyu than the pork most of us are accustomed to eating. Send a subscription box of your favorite cuts, from ribs and tenderloin to lesser-known cuts like secreto and presa.

3-Month Italian Food Gift Subscription – Società Bona FurtunaSHOP NOW

Send a box of gorgeous Italian pantry items via a one, three, or six-month subscription, ensuring that your gift stays top of mind (and top of table). All of Bona Fortuna’s offerings are grown on its organic estate in Sicily, including sauces made from Corleonese tomatoes, honey from local bees, and olive oil from its own grove. The subscription box is curated to include recipes and ingredients that create dishes from all over Italy, at home. Make sure to give this one to a recipient who lives nearby.

Founded by two Nashville chefs in search of the very best meat, Porter Road has grown into a thriving whole animal butchery business, now shipping their cuts of beef, pork, and chicken across the country. Gift your favorite meat lover a three-, six-, or nine-month subscription of dry-aged steaks, pork chops, pork bacon, sausages, and more.

Bokksu Japanese Snack Box SubscriptionSHOP NOW

Whether it’s a taste of home, a love of the culture, or the next best thing to traveling there, a box full of Japanese treats will be a hit. Bokksu packs its subscription boxes with a dazzling array of sweet and savory snacks, candies, and a tea pairing, accompanied by a 24-page magazine with a backstory on each item. They’re all sourced from Japanese small businesses and sent directly from Japan, too. Count on items like sesame mochi, yuzu-sake candies, Kanazawa Earl Grey cake in your first box, which is an introduction to the treats of Japan; following months are themed, and equally delightful.

Gift Coffee Subscription | TradeSHOP NOW

Never let a loved one go uncaffeinated again with a subscription to high-quality beans from a variety of roasters like Good Citizen, Sightglass, and Joe Coffee. Choose how many bags you’d like to give, then let them choose their schedule because everyone drinks at different speeds. While you’re at it, grab yourself a subscription and save yourself the horror of waking up even one morning without a bag of fresh beans.

Sample buttery, luxurious olive oils from all the world’s best regions, from Italy to Greece and beyond. It’s a great reminder not to ration your oils; use them while they’re at their freshest and best. 

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